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Joni J Latham
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Unicorn Fantasies, Eyes of the Jackal Eye Of The Jackal,by Joni J Latham
EYES OF THE JACKAL is the first "speculative fiction" novel I've read -
and it was a pleasure. It is both well written and extremely entertaining.
Astrid Kinn-Romantic Reviews Today

Unicorn Fantasies
Welcome to Unicorn Fantasies and enter my world. I am pleased to announce that Eyes of the Jackal is now ready and can be purchased on line at SynergEbooks.

We are not necessarily alone on this planet. Arianna and Trayjon are the guardians of a magical race who live undetected among humans. Centuries ago an evil attempted to take over their race and the human world, resulting in a rift between them. They learn to trust themselves and each other before the darkness destroys all they hold dear.

For your reading pleasure a small sample chapter of Eyes of the Jackal is offered.

To Order from SynergEbooks
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Eyes Of The Jackal, to view the cover click here
Order your copy now..SynergEbooks

Short Story Collection, to view the full cover click here
This anthology is by some of the brightest stars in electronic publishing in the world. This wonderful book is a collection of stories, poetry, family histories, and folklore by, from, and about one of the most special groups of women in the world.Grandmas.

Including a couple of stories told to me by my own Grandma.

ISBN 0-7443 0160-2 Order from SynergEbooks, all proceeds to benefit St Jude's Children's Hospital. Get your copy today!

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